San Antonio Texas Bucket List

Texas – San Antonio

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Here is a bucket list of interesting activities to do in San Antonio Texas.

Cruise on the river

San Antonio is crossed by a river who ends its run in the Gulf of Mexico. If you are visiting the city, I hardly recommend to have a cruise on this river, it is such a nice cruise and so romantic. The boat is crossing the historical part of the city, giving you a guided tour.

Advice : Do it in the evening … magical !

You can book before going, you will gain time : it’s here !

San Antonio Texas Bucket List

Restaurant on the riverwalk

In case you are spending time in San Antonio, you should have diner on the riverwalk, there are lots of nice mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants. Having diner on the riverwalk is special, the atmosphere is romantic, the light bulbs and the Mariachis are make this place special.

There is a Hard Rock Cafe (like everywhere else) but don’t go there, it is always crowded and you will have to eat so fast. If you want to find a cute restaurant : have a look here !

The Café Olé is very good, you can have real mexican food : margaritas, quesadillas, nachos and chille con queso !

san antonio riverwalk restaurant texas

Battle of the Alamo

San Antonio is known for its historical facts such as The Battle of the Alamo which is important in the Texan Revolution. After 13 days of siege, the Mexican army runs into the Alamo and brutaly kill the little Texan troop. The cruality from the Mexican during the battle has been so hard and horrible that lots of American decided afterwards to join to army. This needs for revenge helped the Texans to kick the Mexicans out of their state.

Fort Alamo San Antonio Texas



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