So, what do you want to visit ?

Hello travellers,

Here is a little article about our organization in London: What do we want to see ? Where do we want to eat ?

Bae and I have already been in London separately but never together. We do have already been to the popular places in the city but we are actually more interested about unknown or less popular places this time such as street art, flea markets, vintage markets, …

So, we have decided to take some times to sit down and get organized and trust me Bae is way more organize than I am surprisingly.


Places where we HAVE TO go :

Notting Hill
Portobello Road
The Sky Garden
Spitafield Market
Grant Museum of Zoology

Places where we COULD go :

Street art in Waterloo
Westfield mall

Actually, this is funny to think that we will probably see more stuff that we did not expected than everything else.

Eating is as much important as visiting to me, I love to eat where I stay so I can taste typical dishes from the country I am in (diet ? I don’t give a sh*t).

To be continued…


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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