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Route 66 – Chicago

If you have watched the movie called Easy Rider, you also had / have the dream to ride on the Route 66 ! It is a big organization to prepare such a trip like that : passport, itineraries, car renting, hotels, … Sure you can have the help of travel agencies which are specialized in Route 66 Road trips, such as : Adventure Tour Company.

This travel agency offers 3 tours, all tour gives you the option of driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Either you are an adventure or not, you have to prepare a little the road trip, you can end up without a place to rest a little or sometimes riding on another road than the Route 66.

The historical Route 66 had its time of glory back in the days, right after the war, the goal with to link New York City to Las Angeles. Cities like Amarillo, Flagstaff, Albuquerque has developed themselves so much because of tourism the road attracted.

New Route 66 Chicago Los Angeles USA

The opening and the use of the Interstates Highways decreased the utilization of the Route 66, cities in olden days full of people are getting totally empty. The shops are closing and the houses remains frozen in time. It is a little creepy to ride through these Ghost Towns.

This adventure has been prepared, no travel agencies to help only a couple who is in love with America and particularly a biker who ride a Harley Davidson. The flight from Brussels to Chicago has been long but every time you put your foot on the American territoty, you feel excited.

Well, here we are in Uncle Sam’s country, more specifically, in the megalopolis of Chicago / Illinois stronghold of Al Capone.

Al Capone was one of the biggest gangster of his days, also known as “Scarface”, he became wealthy with traffic of  contraband liquor.

We decides to spend the night in the business neighborhood of the city, called : The Loop.

Why don’t you descover to architecture of Chicago by boat ? Or even walk in Millennium Park and take a selfie in front of The Bean ?


For you information, if you are looking for a nice place to have a drink and to eat, go to Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden.

Tomorrow will be a big day, we will travel to Saint Louis / Missouri !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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