Good morning people,

It is 3am and we are waking up… Well, actually we are trying to get to the coffee machine in order to wake up.

After 3 coffee, we are going to the car for a two hours drive to Brussels where we are going to get the train. You know, the Eurostar!

Our train is leaving at 6:56am (local time) but we have to be there 40 minutes before the departure time.

As soon as we arrive at the railway station, we have to get through the security gates to get to the train.

Fun fact : this train is going under the see (big news) at 300 km/h (OMG) and link Brussels to London in 2 hours. Isn’t it practical and fast?

We arrive in St Pancras Railway Station in London at 7:45 am (local time), it is an hour less than Belgium. Here, there are no security gates.

Gare de St Pancras

First thing, first : let’s get a damn coffeee at my favorite place on earth, I named STARBUCKS. Bae and I are cafein addict and we need our coffee in the morning.

Here we are, in London with a caramel machiatto in our hand and Guns’n’Roses in our ears. Sitted in the coffee shop, we are having a look at the atmosphere around us. Monday morning in St Pancras is crazy. People are running from everywhere, this city is always on the move.

Now is the time to use our Oyster Visitor Card to get in the Ungerground because we need to leave our suitcase at the hotel to be free to start the day.
Practical information : The Oyster Visitor Card is a transportation car, you will need it for all your trips in the city. It is a rechargeable card, you have to scan the car at the entrance and the exit of the underground and it calculates the amount of the trip automaticly. We advise you to order it in advance here, for a four days stay we have used 25 pounds and we had enough credits.
Oyster Visitor Card

The Ibis hotel we have chosen is located near the Shepherd’s Bush underground, which is on the Central Line. This line link all the popular placed of the city.

Underground London

Our suitcase left at the hotel, we are free to go and we decide to start the day with Notting Hill and its market on Portobello Road.
To be continued …
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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