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Welcome to Camden


Camden Town Londres

Good morning people,

After our visit of the Sky Garden (article here), Bae and I are taking the subway to go to Camden Town.

First of all, Camden Town is located beyond St Pancras Railway station and out of the city center of London like Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus but still very touristical.

Camden Town Londres Underground

We are in love with Punk, Rock, quirky and artistic kind of things. In our souvenirs, Camden Town / Market was the paradise for all vintage clothes and thrift shops lovers.

WTF … ? At our arrival, we are estonished to see how this neighborhood has changed, so touristical and far away from the idea we had. The majority of the stores on the market and around it are selling (mostly) counterfeit goods : YSL bags, Chanel wallets, Gucci belts, … The markets offers very few vintage stores but they are way too expensive.

Hopefully, the market is still plaisant to walk through. It is still nice to see the stores in all these horses loose boxes. It is huge and very pretty !

Moreover, the Camden street is still nice to see with the store façades and their huge decorations but still the stores are selling expensive souvenirs, too bad.

      Camden Town Londres

Food ! It is time to eat and we would like to found asiatic dishe, we know that we are at the right place.

If you are looking for a place to eat something different from another country, be ready to be served.

We choose to eat noodles and beef with a sweet sauce, delicious –> You’ll learned that I am crazy about food when I am travelling.

We sit on a bench to share the food and order two Desperatos (not to share – I love you Bae but… still).

Camden Town Londres Food

Camden Town Londres Food

When we are finished and full, we decide to have a little walk arount Camden Market to look after vintage clothes and thrift shops. Everything is so expensive, I guess it is because of the popularity of Camden.

Important : If you need to go to the restroom you can find them at few places on the market, it is not free but it is clean. Isn’t it the most important ?

Well, if you’re like me and need to go to the restroom as soon as you drink a beer, you’re welcome for the tip.

We have found a very funny little concept on the market the Cereal Killer Cafe. Here, you are welcome to pick you cereals, your milk and the topping. Why don’t you try the Cereal Cocktail?

Camden Town Londres Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe

What would Camden be without Doc Martens ?

These boots were my best friends during all my young days, back then when I was a “grunge”. Bae was looking for new boots so I forced him suggested him to buy a pair of Doc Martens.

I was dying to buy me a pair but they are (still) so damn expensive… We were about to leave when Bae offered me the same boots as he just bought.

What a man ! He is so cute !

More interesting for y’all : Doc Martens store in Camden organize concerts IN THE STORE. Check the dates just in case you are around.

Doc Martens

Another place to go is Cyberdog, it is a store for all techno lovers, the entrance is guarded by two gigantic robots and techno music is screaming high from the inside. They are two “under” level, the first is about raving : clothes, accessories, makeup, … the very last one is more “sexy” but I won’t say more. Go and have a look, we won’t tell !

Camden Town Londres Cyberdog

Motivated, we are leaving Cyberdog and I see a dude selling waffles but it is not only waffles. It is waffle dots on which you can choose all the toppings you desire (it ain’t free, of course). We are going for a waffle with chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries on the top. We are having a coffee to go and sit on the bench to appreciate our food while starring at people around us.

Beware ! Foodporn ahead… You’ll take 3 kilos just watching :

Camden Town Londres Foodporn

The waffle finished, we are trying to get our a*s up the bench to continue our walk through Camden Market. While walking, we finally find street art, just few.

I have to admit that I love it. I like to stare at it and find the perfect piece in all the creations on the wall. I am kind of disappointed because Camden does not have that much street art as I thought.

But, the trip is not over and we will find a very special place for it ! Just be patient, I’ll talk about it soon.

Camden Town Londres street art

Well… It is hot out here, like very hot ! And we have walked all day, I need to find a pub and by “pub” I mean a real English pub. So, I ask a dude who’s working there and he advices us to have a drink at The Elephants Head on our way to the subway… and on our way we go !

From the outside, the interior of the pub is totally dark but we are not afraid and we are getting in. Obviously, we are the only tourists but I don’t really give a f*ck. I am making my way to the bar and order one Amstel and ane Bulmers. We are having these gigantic beers while listenning to Rockabilly music… This is my jam !

We are happy as hell ! 

The Elephants Head

Well, here is our Day Two in London : Sky Garden and Camden Town.

Be there or be square !

To be continued…

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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