Unusual bars in london

4 unusual bars in London

If you are like us and you are looking after unusual things to do or to see, you will appreciate what this article.

In fact, I will be introducing 4 « inusual » bars in London. The kind of bar that the city is keeping “secret”. London is a city full of mysteries which makes it so interesting for some of us. Just think about the historical story of Jack the Reaper… mysteries, I am telling you!

  • The hidden bar in the subway :

The Cachoots is a bar hidden in an abandoned subway which was used during World War II to secure the citizen during air raids. This bar is located near Carnaby Street on the Barkerloo line, its easy going atmosphere and its 50’s decoration will make you feel like you have traveled back in time. The menu will suggest nice cocktails in unusual glasses that you can appreciate in a Chesterfield sofa.  On Saturdays, you can have a vintage picnic basket

If you decide to spend time there, you have to book your visit online and a table will be booked for 2 hours maximum: click here.

As you probably understood, the place is not easy to find: search for Kingly Court at the end of Carnaby Street, the entrance looks like a usual subway entry.

Cachoots bar london


  • The secret bar in Chinatown :

The Opium Bar is located in Chinatown and the place is haunting by Londoners who communicate the address secretly even if it is easy to find it … but sill the bar is known from a large community.

The atmosphere is cosy and will make you think of a Asian bar during the Prohibition, family pictures, Chinese vases, Asian lights, etc… People will call this place “has been” we love it !

The menu is very complete with drinks and food. You can have a healthy cup of tea or an unusual cocktail, as you wish. Their website is well structured; you can find all the menus online: click here.

We suggest booking a table beforehand to be sure to enter the place.

The funniest part is to find the bar, the only information we can give is the following:

On Gerrard Street, you will have to find the jade door

Have fun !

Opium bar chinatown London


  • The bar in public toilets :

Yes, you heard me … public toilets. This bar is located in the decommissioned Victorian-style public toilets. As you imagine the Ladies and Gentlemen is not big but atypical ! The owners had the idea to buy the place when they realized that the price of real estate market was too high to afford.

And it was a great investment !

The place is totally full every weekend, they had to hire a bouncer at the entrance to filter and keep it organized. If you decide to visit this place, you should do it during the week it is less crowded.

You will find the Ladies and Gentlemen under the Highgate Road : click for information

Enjoy a cocktail while listenning to jazz or blues on the piano.

Moreover, the menu is regularly renewed !

Ladies and gentlemen bar london


  • The clandestine bar :

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is a clandestine bar hidden inside a « The breakfast club » restaurant !

You will have to ask for the password at a waitress and then enter through a SMEG fridge door. Just do it, it is fun !

The place is dark but really nice. A cocktail menu is also ready to be look at but you can have something to eat if you are hungry.

If you desire more information, click here !

Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town bar London


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !


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