• Galveston Texas USA

    Texas – Galveston

    This seaside city is the place to go for different reason. In fact, it offers lots of activities ! Here are some of them : Mardi Gras No need to go to Louisiana to experience Mardi Gras in America, Texas and especially Galveston will give you all you need to see and to know about this event. Mardi Gras in the United States of America is an important event during in which people are wearing costumes and partying in the street participating or watching the Parade. History: Mardi Gras has arrived in the United States throught the French-Canadian, the historians are saying that the first Parade started in 1837 in…

  • Historic-Route-66-USA
    Route 66

    Route 66 – Chicago

    If you have watched the movie called Easy Rider, you also had / have the dream to ride on the Route 66 ! It is a big organization to prepare such a trip like that : passport, itineraries, car renting, hotels, … Sure you can have the help of travel agencies which are specialized in Route 66 Road trips, such as : Adventure Tour Company. This travel agency offers 3 tours, all tour gives you the option of driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Either you are an adventure or not, you have to prepare a little the road trip, you can end up without a place to rest…

  • San Antonio Texas Bucket List

    Texas – San Antonio

    Let’s continue … Here is a bucket list of interesting activities to do in San Antonio Texas. Cruise on the river San Antonio is crossed by a river who ends its run in the Gulf of Mexico. If you are visiting the city, I hardly recommend to have a cruise on this river, it is such a nice cruise and so romantic. The boat is crossing the historical part of the city, giving you a guided tour. Advice : Do it in the evening … magical ! You can book before going, you will gain time : it’s here ! Restaurant on the riverwalk In case you are spending time…

  • Texas bucketlist

    Texas – Houston

    I had the chance to live in “The Lone Star State” or as you probably know it Texas where I still have part of my beloved family. At my arrival, I immediatly fell in love with the state but also with all the people I have met. Everything is bigger in Texas even the heart of the texans, the world may talk about their acceptance of fireguns … don’t be stuck on that. Texas is full of amazing and generous people. Well, here is a bucket list split by cities of FEW things I judge unmissable if you travel in Texas ! Let’s start with my hometown : The Galleria…

  • Unusual bars in london

    4 unusual bars in London

    If you are like us and you are looking after unusual things to do or to see, you will appreciate what this article. In fact, I will be introducing 4 « inusual » bars in London. The kind of bar that the city is keeping “secret”. London is a city full of mysteries which makes it so interesting for some of us. Just think about the historical story of Jack the Reaper… mysteries, I am telling you! The hidden bar in the subway : The Cachoots is a bar hidden in an abandoned subway which was used during World War II to secure the citizen during air raids. This bar is located near…

  • musee histoire naturelle londres

    Museums in London

    Good morning people ! Today is our third day in London and we want to visit one of its free museums.   Yes, you have heard, most of the museums in London are totally entrance free ! There are lots of museums and other very original museum in the city. Here are the famous ones : British Museum Science Museum Natural History Museum Victoria and Albert Museum Transport Museum Design Museum Museum of London Royal Museums Greenwich Imperial War Museum So, we are living our hotel to get in the subway direction Kensington in order to spend the day at the Natural History Museum. Why did you choose this museum…

  • Camden Town

    Welcome to Camden

      Good morning people, After our visit of the Sky Garden (article here), Bae and I are taking the subway to go to Camden Town. First of all, Camden Town is located beyond St Pancras Railway station and out of the city center of London like Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus but still very touristical. We are in love with Punk, Rock, quirky and artistic kind of things. In our souvenirs, Camden Town / Market was the paradise for all vintage clothes and thrift shops lovers. WTF … ? At our arrival, we are estonished to see how this neighborhood has changed, so touristical and far away from the idea…

  • Sky Garden

    Sky Garden – Free

    Good morning people ! This is our day two in London, Bae and I have decided to wake up early because we have to be at our “appointment” at 10am. In fact, we have booked a totally free visit ! “What the hell are they talking about?”, you are going to say. Well, you can go on the top of the Walkie-Talkie tower on the floor called the “Sky Garden” on which you have a 360 view of the city. Isn’t it nice ? If you desire to go at the Sky Garden and have a coffee while watching the Tamise river, click here and pick you favorite date and…

  • London


    Good morning people, It is 3am and we are waking up… Well, actually we are trying to get to the coffee machine in order to wake up. After 3 coffee, we are going to the car for a two hours drive to Brussels where we are going to get the train. You know, the Eurostar! Our train is leaving at 6:56am (local time) but we have to be there 40 minutes before the departure time. As soon as we arrive at the railway station, we have to get through the security gates to get to the train. Fun fact : this train is going under the see (big news) at…

  • London

    So, what do you want to visit ?

    Hello travellers, Here is a little article about our organization in London: What do we want to see ? Where do we want to eat ? Bae and I have already been in London separately but never together. We do have already been to the popular places in the city but we are actually more interested about unknown or less popular places this time such as street art, flea markets, vintage markets, … So, we have decided to take some times to sit down and get organized and trust me Bae is way more organize than I am surprisingly. Places where we HAVE TO go : Notting Hill Portobello Road…